Vision, Mission, Action

Our Vision

Enablement Nepal envisions an inclusive and empowered society where children and people with disabilities, their families and other excluded groups have equal access to education, health, livelihood opportunities and can enjoy a good quality of life also contributing to the overall development of the nation. 

Our Mission

Enablement Nepal seeks to : 

  • support the inclusive developments that have started in Nepal in the recent decades,
  • promote human rights and responsibilities of all the citizens of Nepal along with contributing towards the establishment of a legal and inclusive society,
  • mainstream traditionally excluded groups like people with disability, oppressed (dalit), women, children, Madhesi, indigenous groups (adibashis), ethnic groups (janajatis)
  • undertake necessary research, study and documentation to raise the living standard and social development and protection of human rights of these groups and regions,
  • contribute to the overall development in education, health, environment, economic, physical and social sectors in Nepal, through proper utilization of expertise of international and national experts.
  • bring positive change in the existing poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, unrest and inequality and other such problems in Nepal.

Our Actions

We offer diverse capacity building initiatives (trainings, researches, monitoring and evaluation, program development) to the relevant government and non-governmental stakeholders in disability, Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disability (CRPD), Inclusive Development, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Inclusive Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (ICBDRR).